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Jonathan Kemp

Music and Physics at the University of St Andrews.
Bass at Teannaich Rock Ceilidh Band.
Guitarist and bandleader at St Andrews Fusion.
Guitarist with Bothy Ballad singer Scott Gardiner.
Research in acoustics.

Beethoven Lodge, 65 North Street, St Andrews, Fife, KY16 9AJ
+44(0)1334 46 2145


Jonathan Kemp researches acoustics, and has published papers on measurement techniques for musical wind instruments and the characterisation of distortion in loudspeakers. My PhD thesis, Theoretical and experimental study of wave propagation in brass musical instruments was completed at the University of Edinburgh in 2002. For full details of my research please consult Jonathan Kemp’s Research Portal Entry at the University of St Andrews.

My research uses the MATLAB programming environment and I have written a short pdf booklet available free of charge: Introduction to MALTAB (or Octave) by application to musical acoustics.

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